The Business and Research Training Center (hereafter BRTC) was being invited by the Professional Committee of Accountants (hereafter CPC) to conduct a training program titled: “Professional Training on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs)”. The objective of the program is to train qualified accounting professionals of Macau to understand the content of the IFRSs adopted in the local region and to strengthen the application of the accounting standards through demonstration of real life examples. The training program was implemented in five consecutive Saturdays in October and November covering topics including the conceptual framework for financial reporting, interim financial reporting, related party transactions, borrowing costs, effects of government grants and disclosures of government assistance, etc. The program has attracted about 80 participants currently working in audit firms, law firms, government sector as well as banking and gaming industries. Both BRTC and CPC are planning to organize similar training programs in the future to enhance and update the professional knowledge of the accounting practitioners and other interested parties.