In order to unite the strengths of enterprises in Macao and mainland institutions, create an atmosphere to jointly promote the professional development of youth, to provide opportunities for professional growth for youth in Macao, and actively help them integrate into the overall development of the country. 9 enterprises were invited to participate in the programme, and a total of 32 outstanding young employees from Macao were selected and recommended by the enterprises to participate.

The “Macao Youth Professional Development Programme” has 3 phases, which includes National and Regional Training, on-the-job learning, advanced training and field trips in the Mainland. The first has been carried out from November 14 to 18, 2022 and it is in a full-time manner and jointly organized by the DSEDJ, CCE, and BRTC of the Faculty of Business Administration. The training content includes National Constitution and Basic Law, National Security and National Policy, Introduction to Technology Development and Big Data, In-Depth Interpretation of The Policy of The Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone: From The Perspective of The Plan, Framework, Operation And Functions, The Influence And Inspiration of The Development of Innovative Industries on Macao’s Economy, Crisis Management and Media PR Response, Positioning of Macau in the Greater Bay Area, students were also arranged to visit the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and the State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine to learn about the scientific research achievements of higher education institutions in Macao. The opening ceremony was officiated by Mr.Wong, Deputy Director of the DSEDJ, Dr. Xu, Vice Rector of UM, and Professor Liu, Director of the CCE and Director of the BRTC of the Faculty of Business Administration. Mr. Wong, deputy director of the DSEDJ, encouraged the trainees to continue to work hard, to display their talents on the broad stage of life in the future, and to become a construction force for the country and society. UM Vice President Dr. Xu said that UM will fully support the training of local youths, and encourages the trainees to continue their studies and give back their knowledge to the country and society.

In 2023, the DSEDJ will continue to carry out the second and third phases of the Macao Youth Professional Development Program. CCE is continuing to cooperate with various companies in the future, to provide professional development programs and training for working young people, and work together to cultivate young talents for the society who are ambitious, capable, and responsible, based in Macao, caring about the motherland, and looking at the world.